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Once upon a time, I stumbled my way through high school, finding no practical use for biology or chemistry classes. To me, they didn’t have anything to do with “real life”. If only I knew then what I know now! Real life means bacteria, viruses and fungi. Real life means infections that lead to, at worse, death, debilitation or dismemberment. At the very least, infections may lead to a tummy ache, diarrhea, pinkeye or loss of time from work or school.

Knowing how to fight the agents of disease is important to anyone caring for somebody with a less-than-ideal immune system (such as cancer victims) and for anybody who just wants to steer clear of this year’s flu. The news media keeps “promising” us a pandemic or epidemic. Whatever is coming, we are sure that cleaning the environmental surfaces, air and water will be key to the control and eradication of the killer virus.

I will allow other experts to address the biological warfare, doom and gloom topics. I want to help you understand how “cleaning for health” is vital to your safety and that of your family.”

Once again, welcome! ~ Darrel Hicks

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