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Questions & Answers About Prices, Billing, and Payments

Below are a list of common questions and answers about prices, invoices, billing and payments. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Darrel by calling (314) 956-1177, or by clicking here.

How am I billed for your services?

AClients are sent a unique link by email to their invoice online. From the clients invoice, there is an option provided to make an online payment for your project’s cost.

What methods of payment do you accept?

ACurrently, we take payments primarily by our online payment system provided by PayPal. This allows clients to pay electronically by an established PayPal account. Cash is accepted as well, however we DO NOT take personal checks at all. If you write a corporate check, services will not begin until your check has cleared and funds have been deposited. Although we will take corporate checks- we prefer even businesses pay online through our online invoice system. Since we would not have to wait for your check to arrive by mail, deposit it, and then clear, this speeds up the start process for both you and us tremendously.

The address to mail checks to is:

J. Darrel Hicks
23 Vicksburg Station
St. Charles, Missouri 63303

What do I have to pay upfront?

AClients wanting consultation are billed in two parts. Each part is exactly half of the consulting project. The first half is paid upfront and must be received before any consulting work begins. This shows us that you are genuinely wanting consulting work before we begin preparation and consultation (either long-distance or on-site consulting).

Do I still have to pay you if I don’t like your work?

AYes and No. The first half of your consulting project’s cost is non-refundable and covers the hours and time I put into your facility’s needs. If we can not change the project to meet your facility’s needs, you won’t be charged the second half. You will, however, have to pay travel, hotel and meal expenses regardless.

How much do the “Infection Control for Dummies” books cost?

ABooks are FREE but shipping and handling cost $5.00 each. This price is established by Wiley Publishing and S&H is $5.00 regardless if you order one book or twenty. For larger quantities, call Darrel to discuss volume discounts.

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