What's In Your Bucket

Disinfectants // What’s In Your Bucket?

Below are three documents in a series called, “Disinfectants: What’s In Your Bucket?”. This series of articles are intended to educate and inform IEHA members and non-members alike. With each of these four articles, there is a test of the reader’s knowledge and grasp of these important concepts. You will have an opportunity to take the exam and submit it for continuing education units (CEU’s) of credit toward maintaining your Certified Executive Housekeeper (CEH) or Registered Executive Housekeeper (REH) status.

The outline for this series is adapted with revisions from a reference book that should be on every IEHA member’s bookshelf. The title is, “The Practical Application of Disinfection and Sterilization in Health Care Facilities” and is co-authored by James C. Cokendolfer and Jill F. Haukos. While this author does not agree with everything written in the guide by Cokendolfer and Haukos, this book has proven to be essential as a reference for questions surrounding the topic of chemical disinfectants and the process of disinfecting environmental surfaces.