Microfiber Cloths and C-diff?

A housekeeping manager in a hospital asks, “How effective are microfiber cloths with a 1:10 bleach solution versus 1:10 bleach wipes in collecting the spores from c-diff? What are you currently using to kill c-diff in your hospitals? Wipes or mixing a bleach solution? If you are using a wipe what wipe is it?”
Here’s my answer:
I would be willing to share a C-diff room cleaning (daily and terminal) best practice with anyone who will send a request to
We clean C-diff isolated patient’s room twice daily; once by the day shift and once by my Bed Team on the evening shift. On any given day, we have 4-10 C-diff rooms.
A word of caution: You should use a good grade of microfiber wipers and mops in order to remove the maximum amount of soil possible. With the right microfiber, you can remove 95%-98% of the soil and with the soil go all the C-diff spores. If you are using a cotton cloth or a disposable bleach wipe, they can’t remove soil as well as microfiber can. You might be spreading it around the room instead of picking it up and removing it.
The “magic of microfiber” is that it picks up and holds the C-diff laden soil, holds it in the mop or cloth until it is washed in the washing machine. If you are laundering ALL your cloths and mops per CDC guidelines (160 degrees for 20 minutes, 225 degrees dryer for 30 minutes) you have no cause to worry about LIVING C-diff, MRSA, VRE, ESBL, etc.

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