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Athlete's Mouth?! Leave a comment Read more »

Athlete’s Mouth?!

Could you imagine football without helmets, soccer without shin pads or even basketball without a hole cut out of the bottom of the basket? It’s amazing to consider the evolution of sports equipment – from where games started and where they have come. In 1947,…

Fear the Curtain--Part 2 Leave a comment Read more »

Fear the Curtain–Part 2

BACKGROUND The Problem with Privacy Curtains: Science has demonstrated time after time that privacy curtains are frequently and rapidly contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. Within days of clean curtains being placed around the patient’s bed, 95% were contaminated on at least one occasion (21% with MRSA;…

Fear the Curtain--Part 1 Leave a comment Read more »

Fear the Curtain–Part 1

It has long been thought that environmental cleanliness was the key to curbing the spread of cross-transmission.  Not to minimize meticulous handwashing by healthcare workers, but once hands are clean, they can quickly become contaminated if the environmental surfaces are not clean and disinfected. The…

MRSA Cases on the Rise Leave a comment Read more »

MRSA Cases on the Rise

MRSA is a nasty disease, and highly contagious. This will serve as a strong example of the need for controlling the spread of hospital or community acquired MRSA. As with all regular staph infections, recognizing the signs and receiving treatment for MRSA skin infections in…

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MRSA and Facility Management-An Issue of Hygiene

According to the Centers for Disease Control, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is resistant to most commonly used antibiotics, which makes it sometimes fatal, health authorities said. The CDC report said that MRSA may be dormant for many months and then spread through links between colonized…

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