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Company’s Coming

It happens every Thanksgiving.  You have your family over for the annual Thanksgiving feast reminiscent of the one with the pilgrims and Indians. When you have company coming to your house for a family or friends and family event, you always want to present a…

Athlete's Mouth?! Leave a comment Read more »

Athlete’s Mouth?!

Could you imagine football without helmets, soccer without shin pads or even basketball without a hole cut out of the bottom of the basket? It’s amazing to consider the evolution of sports equipment – from where games started and where they have come. In 1947,…

Part I: Are we processing environmental surfaces the right way? Leave a comment Read more »

Part I: Are we processing environmental surfaces the right way?

Environmental surfaces abound in every indoor environment.  Those environmental surfaces get loaded with fomites (Nonliving material. Any object or substance, other than food, that harbors or carries infectious organisms.)  As your staff goes about the daily routine of spraying and wiping you have to wonder,…

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Minimizing Risk For Your Facility

  Addressing issues that can increase occupant illness and reduce productivity. By Kristen Foth May 03, 2014, Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine A risk management plan is essential for any business. A thorough plan can be established by identifying and assessing all risks and then…

Fear the Curtain-Part 3 Leave a comment Read more »

Fear the Curtain-Part 3

In “Fear the Curtain” Parts 1 and 2, I attempted to define the current state of affairs as it relates to privacy curtains in hospitals. First, healthcare workers and patients frequently touch privacy curtains before, during and after care encounters. This may promote transfer of…

Fear the Curtain--Part 1 Leave a comment Read more »

Fear the Curtain–Part 1

It has long been thought that environmental cleanliness was the key to curbing the spread of cross-transmission.  Not to minimize meticulous handwashing by healthcare workers, but once hands are clean, they can quickly become contaminated if the environmental surfaces are not clean and disinfected. The…

Infection Prevention Q & A--Part 3 Leave a comment Read more »

Infection Prevention Q & A–Part 3

Question: What are the top SIX activities in cleaning that will have the greatest impact on safety and health? Answer: Here is my list of the top SIX activities necessary to impact the health and safety of our public. Train and re-train housekeepers (custodial staff)…

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