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It's All About the Cleaning, Part 1 Leave a comment Read more »

It’s All About the Cleaning, Part 1

It is difficult for me to believe there are MDs in the epidemiology field who still don’t have “enough evidence” to make them believe that environmental hygiene is key to preventing hospital-acquired infections. I say to them, “It’s all about the cleaning!” I am not…

Infection Prevention Q&A--Part 4 Leave a comment Read more »

Infection Prevention Q&A–Part 4

Question: What are the top FIVE activities in cleaning that will have the greatest impact on safety and health? Answer: Here is my own list of the top 5 activities necessary to impact the health and safety of the public: 1. Train and re-train Hygiene…

Q & A--Part 3 (The Magic of Microfiber) Leave a comment Read more »

Q & A–Part 3 (The Magic of Microfiber)

Question–What is the role of microfiber in infection control? Answer–One of the greatest cleaning weapons in the war against harmful microorganisms is microfiber (ultra-fine synthetic fibers woven into cloth) in the form of mops, high dusters, carpet cleaning pads and cleaning cloths. In the same…

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An Ounce of Prevention–Part 2

In March, 2011, I presented a webinar in Critical Issues Online Seminar Series-Infection Control for CMM magazine. We encouraged the listeners to submit questions that I then answered. Here are just two of the questions and replies: Q “We have an athletic facility that has…

The War is On! Leave a comment Read more »

The War is On!

The well-trained, well-equipped Housekeeper is at the front-lines in the war against healthcare acquired infections and the WAR IS ON! The housekeeper is honest, hard-working and often overlooked. She struggles to make ends meet; get the kids ready for school; worries about her husband’s work…

Hospital Associated Infections and the ES Department Leave a comment Read more »

Hospital Associated Infections and the ES Department

  The Environmental Services worker is on the front-line in the battle against Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s). Without ES in the trenches, these organisms could easily gain a foothold in any hospital in any place in the world. Such organisms cause bacterial and fungal infections…

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