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The 3-Legged Stool: People, Process and Technology--Part 1 Leave a comment Read more »

The 3-Legged Stool: People, Process and Technology–Part 1

After being in the business of providing a safe, clean and disinfected environment in hospitals for the past 33 years, I have come to the conclusion that the best cleaning/disinfection program involves three basic elements: 1. People; 2. Process; and 3. Technology. In this 3…

Infection Prevention Q&A--Part 4 Leave a comment Read more »

Infection Prevention Q&A–Part 4

Question: What are the top FIVE activities in cleaning that will have the greatest impact on safety and health? Answer: Here is my own list of the top 5 activities necessary to impact the health and safety of the public: 1. Train and re-train Hygiene…

Fear the Curtain-Part 3 Leave a comment Read more »

Fear the Curtain-Part 3

In “Fear the Curtain” Parts 1 and 2, I attempted to define the current state of affairs as it relates to privacy curtains in hospitals. First, healthcare workers and patients frequently touch privacy curtains before, during and after care encounters. This may promote transfer of…

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An Ounce of Prevention–Part 2

In March, 2011, I presented a webinar in Critical Issues Online Seminar Series-Infection Control for CMM magazine. We encouraged the listeners to submit questions that I then answered. Here are just two of the questions and replies: Q “We have an athletic facility that has…

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MRSA-Cleaning That Controls (Part II)

Within hospitals, wound clinics, urgent care centers, emergency rooms and other medical settings, cleaning after a life-threatening bacteria like MRSA becomes critical. When MRSA skin infections occur, cleaning and disinfection should be performed on surfaces that are likely to contact uncovered or poorly covered infections.…

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I Don’t Want a Lot for Christmas…

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there’s just one thing I need…” I always liked the Mariah Carey Christmas song titled “All I Want for Christmas”.  But, Michael Buble does a much softer and more romantic version of the song on his new Christmas…

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