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It's All About the Cleaning, Part 1 Leave a comment Read more »

It’s All About the Cleaning, Part 1

It is difficult for me to believe there are MDs in the epidemiology field who still don’t have “enough evidence” to make them believe that environmental hygiene is key to preventing hospital-acquired infections. I say to them, “It’s all about the cleaning!” I am not…

What Do We Mean by "Cleaning" and "Disinfection"? Leave a comment Read more »

What Do We Mean by “Cleaning” and “Disinfection”?

In our world today, but especially in healthcare, there are few if any, tenets as impervious to overstatement as the importance of cleanliness.  A facility might appear to be ‘clean’ and not be safe and disinfected.  However, if the facility is safe and disinfected, it…

How can you "clean" with dirty tools? Leave a comment Read more »

How can you “clean” with dirty tools?

Recently, I returned from an out of town trip.  While walking through the airport terminal, I had to find a rest room; quickly!  This bucket of mopping solution was sitting just outside the rest room entrance.  No custodian was around, so I shot a picture…

The 3-Legged Stool: People, Process and Technology--Part 1 Leave a comment Read more »

The 3-Legged Stool: People, Process and Technology–Part 1

After being in the business of providing a safe, clean and disinfected environment in hospitals for the past 33 years, I have come to the conclusion that the best cleaning/disinfection program involves three basic elements: 1. People; 2. Process; and 3. Technology. In this 3…

Q & A--Part 3 (The Magic of Microfiber) Leave a comment Read more »

Q & A–Part 3 (The Magic of Microfiber)

Question–What is the role of microfiber in infection control? Answer–One of the greatest cleaning weapons in the war against harmful microorganisms is microfiber (ultra-fine synthetic fibers woven into cloth) in the form of mops, high dusters, carpet cleaning pads and cleaning cloths. In the same…

Cleaning's Role in Preventing Infections 1 Comment Read more »

Cleaning’s Role in Preventing Infections

The hospital’s Housekeeping Department is responsible for the regular and routine cleaning of all surfaces and maintaining a high level of hygiene in the facility in collaboration with the Infection Control Committee. The Housekeeping Department’s charge is: Classifying the different hospital areas by varying need…

The War is On! Leave a comment Read more »

The War is On!

The well-trained, well-equipped Housekeeper is at the front-lines in the war against healthcare acquired infections and the WAR IS ON! The housekeeper is honest, hard-working and often overlooked. She struggles to make ends meet; get the kids ready for school; worries about her husband’s work…

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