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What Do We Mean by "Cleaning" and "Disinfection"? Leave a comment Read more »

What Do We Mean by “Cleaning” and “Disinfection”?

In our world today, but especially in healthcare, there are few if any, tenets as impervious to overstatement as the importance of cleanliness.  A facility might appear to be ‘clean’ and not be safe and disinfected.  However, if the facility is safe and disinfected, it…

Infection Prevention Q&A--Part 4 Leave a comment Read more »

Infection Prevention Q&A–Part 4

Question: What are the top FIVE activities in cleaning that will have the greatest impact on safety and health? Answer: Here is my own list of the top 5 activities necessary to impact the health and safety of the public: 1. Train and re-train Hygiene…

Q & A--Part 3 (The Magic of Microfiber) Leave a comment Read more »

Q & A–Part 3 (The Magic of Microfiber)

Question–What is the role of microfiber in infection control? Answer–One of the greatest cleaning weapons in the war against harmful microorganisms is microfiber (ultra-fine synthetic fibers woven into cloth) in the form of mops, high dusters, carpet cleaning pads and cleaning cloths. In the same…

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Cleaning for Health-What You Can’t See, Can Hurt You! (Part I)

The world around us is made of both seen and unseen hazards. At times the hazards that one sees are enough to make you tremble in fear. But, the “unseen” should hold equal dread and fear. While one can arm himself for defense against the…

OMG this disinfectant kills HIV!!!! 2 Comments Read more »

OMG this disinfectant kills HIV!!!!

“OMG this disinfectant kills HIV!!!!” is a statement that I have encountered on more than one occasion. Needless to say, each time I’m presented with it I give a little chuckle. You see, for those of us with a rudimentary understanding of microbiology and more…

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