The Ugly Privacy Curtain–Dirty Dozen

The Ugly Privacy Curtain--Dirty Dozen

Reasons Why the Ugly Privacy Curtain Keeps Hanging Around

  1. There is no “one person” assigned to manage the facility-wide program for privacy curtains.
  2. There is no “Standard” privacy curtain
  3. Because there is no standard privacy curtain, the chances of getting the right curtain in the right room is a roll of the dice.
  4. Ceilings are different heights, therefore curtains are may be too short or too long when hung in different areas of the hospital.
  5. Efforts to tag the curtains with length and width will fail when the tags fade from laundering or fall off completely.
  6. Privacy curtains are either unhooked or the mesh is torn because the carriers in the track don’t move very well.
  7. High employee turnover in the Housekeeping Department insures the wrong curtain will be hung in the wrong room.
  8. Spare curtains are not purchased at the same time the curtains are purchased.
  9. Changing curtains is labor intensive and makes the guy from Housekeeping annoyed at the interruption in his work.
  10. Infection Preventionists and Housekeeping Managers work in silos.
  11. During the laundering process, curtains end up staying in the washing machine or dryer too long making for a wrinkled looking curtain.
  12. Having a high functioning privacy curtain program in a hospital takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

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