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Change Before You Have To!

“Change before you have to” is a famous quote attributed to Jack Welsh, the former head of General Electric who was known for his aggressive and successful management style. Change benefits aren’t just for giant mega-corporations; they are for BSC’s, too. In fact, everyone benefits from change.

Similarly, the contracting business is undergoing significant change, if you haven’t seen it or experienced it you had your eyes closed. Change is the only constant in life; so why do so many resist it? When it comes to the cleaning and disinfection of medical facilities, many building service contractors fear to go there because of the lack of understanding on their part.

Some older cleaning companies may have the most challenging time future-proofing their businesses. They have operated in the same way for so long, it’s now their company culture. An advisor or consultant can help them spot what needs to be changed, the steps they need to take, and smoothly guide them in new directions.

Here’s what you need to know:

Breaking the chain of infection from one person to the next requires several elements: a) a certified EVS tech; b) the right processes; c) the best in class microfiber products; d) the right disinfectant; e) the right amount of time to process the room; and, f) an Environmental Checklist for monitoring people, process and products.

Cleaning companies need to be prepared to embrace professionalism. If your prospect for taking on a new business segment will become a reality, you will need to be prepared to embrace professionalism and demonstrate an ability to deliver excellent service while at the same time remaining competitive. At the core of this endeavor are the people on the front-lines delivering the cleaning and disinfection services day-in-and-day-out.

A “clean” building might not be a “sanitary” building; BUT A SANITARY Building IS Always A CLEAN Building!

Education and Training has been hit and miss.

The educating and training of front-line cleaners has always been hit or miss. The level of education varies greatly between companies. Everybody recognizes the importance of education, from complying with health and safety regulations to contract obligations but delivering this education and training to a diverse workforce spread over large geographical regions is hard and expensive.

Cleaning for Health in the 21st Century: When Clean isn’t Good Enough

  • A “clean” building might not be a “sanitary” building; BUT A SANITARY Building IS Always A CLEAN Building!
  • Controlling the growth of harmful micro-organisms is vital to human health and the prevention of infections.
  • Removing contaminants from a place of business reduces human exposure to disease and the risk of infection.
  • We need to move away from cleaning for the sake of APPEARANCE (if it looks and smells clean, it must BE clean)
  • Cleaning for Health must become our focus!

Here’s how I can help you grow your business

Proper cleaning and disinfection saves lives and the bottom line. The fact is that surfaces appearing to be clean might not be clean when scientifically quantified or qualified. REMEMBER: What you can’t see CAN HURT YOU!

  • Consulting services—one time, on a project basis or a retainer
  • Educating and Training your sales team
  • Educating and Training your leadership team
  • Educating and Training your front-line workers

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